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Why is Sweet Baby Shade beneficial?

  • Protects your child’s eyes & skins from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Allows cool airflow to keep your child cool & happy!
  • Provides your child with view of their environment and you!
  • Observing the outdoors stimulates baby’s early development
  • 2 styles to choose from: “INFANT” or “TODDLER DELUXE”
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Sweet Baby Shade ~ “TODDLER Deluxe” premium pull-down roller sun-shade!
  • EASY 4-step attachment helps protect your baby from the sun!
  • Push-button retraction for quick/easy child removal
  • Resilient and durable outer shell
  • Weather resistant
  • Universal fit, Airflow, UV Protection, Visibility
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Sweet Baby Shade ~ “INFANT” sun shade
  • Attaches to strollers or car seats using flexible extended ends (&/or Clips)
  • Protects baby's eyes and skin from sun's harmful UV rays
  • Allows cool airflow and your newborn a full view of their environment & you!
  • Impact resistance to protect your baby from debris and or objects being thrown
  • Sturdy but flexible frame remains stable in breezy conditions
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Free children's book with every "Sweet Baby Shade" purchase. (The Hawaiian Prince)