Learn How Our Baby Shade Works

Each corner extends to wrap and hold

Wrapping the extensions of the shade onto the bars or frame of the Stroller (or car seat) is all it takes: thanks to the unique design. You will love how flexible it is!

Two way viewing for baby and parent

The Sweet Baby Shade blocks out the harmful sun rays but allows your newborn to see the world and you!

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NEW "Clips" Make it Easier than Ever!
  • Strollers have changed dramatically since we first created our shade, but our NEW CLIP (patent pending) ensures the shade will work on any new stroller (infants and toddlers!)
  • Universal fit for all strollers, our NEW CLIPS slide easily onto the extension strips of the shade for the attachment onto the canopies, frames and cushions
  • Our NEW CLIP ensures that the shade will protect infants and toddlers eyes and skin from the sun's harmful UV rays!
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Why is Sweet Baby Shade beneficial?
  • Protects your baby’s eyes and skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Helps reduce newborn sun exposure to skin and eyes
  • Allows cool airflow while providing your newborn a full view of their environment
  • Observing the outdoors stimulates baby’s early development
  • Impact resistance to protect your baby from debris and or a Frisbee being thrown
  • Sturdy but flexible frame remains stable in windy conditions
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Free children's book with every "Sweet Baby Shade" purchase. (The Hawaiian Prince)