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10 years in the making, “Sweet Baby Shade”, the Leilani story

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10 years in the making, “Sweet Baby Shade”, the Leilani story

Don Steiner, co-creator of the “Sweet Baby Shade” recalls how it all started back when his first child, Leilani was very young.

“I was walking Leilani in her stroller when the sunlight hit her eyes and she cried. The first thing I did was put a blanket over Leilani’s stroller to shield her.  She cried again because she didn’t like the darkness. I also realized that she couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see her either. It’s natural for parents to want to see their child safe and happy. So, I pulled the blanket up and tried to use my head to block the sun. Thank goodness, my head is a little bigger than most, so I was able to block it!  However, I was constantly maneuvering and walking left and right to keep shielding Leilani from the sunlight. That’s when I realized, there had to be a better way.”

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