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6 New Year's Resolutions No Mom Should Make in 2018 (And 6 to Try Instead)

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6 New Year's Resolutions No Mom Should Make in 2018 (And 6 to Try Instead)

“A new mom was looking at her husband holding their crying baby boy when he says, “of course I know what he wants…he wants you!”

So often we find that Moms know best when it comes to our little ones. Mom’s feel that intimate bond with their child. As baby grows, it’s a time to set the examples for behavior. With the new year upon us - New Year’s resolutions are the perfect tool for that but “New Year’s resolutions carry a little more weight when you’re a parent. And when we don’t follow through on said resolutions, it stings doubly, because mom-guilt.” says Nicole Fabian-Weber from “What to expect dot com.”

She goes onto to list “six New Year’s resolutions no mom should make — and six we should make instead.”


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