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Do’s & don’ts of Sunburn for your baby

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Do’s & don’ts of Sunburn for your baby

I heard my pregnant friend asking “will my baby move”? Another answered, “with any luck, right after they finish high school.” Time does fly and although we joke about it, those really are precious times we have with children as they grow from infants to toddlers and on up through their school years. Summer vacations provide us with moments for family fun. Sunshine and trips to the beach, mountain lakes and swimming pools fill their hearts with joy!

Sun protection is important and there will be times your baby or toddler may get sunburn. This shouldn’t be taken lightly. “If your baby gets sunburn and younger than 12 months old, call the doctor, even if the sunburn appears mild.” Says; its advisory Board consisting of highly respected experts, selected to provide a depth and range of experience in their field. “If your child is age 1 or older, you probably don't need to call the doctor.” The article explains how to treat sunburn and when to call the Doctor. READ ON –

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