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Importance of the outdoors with your baby!

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Importance of the outdoors with your baby!

Enjoying the outdoors with your baby

With the time change here on the west coast, it’s nice to have that extra hour of daylight after work to enjoy the sunshine and warm evening breezes. The kids love it too and you can see their smiling faces as they run around using up their pent-up energy from those long winter weeks indoors. It’s a natural thing you know and it’s actually quite healthy for them to be outside, even as infants. Most parents are thinking "how can I protect my baby from the sun" and we know you are concerned about your newborns sun exposure to eyes and skin. As long as they’re clothed properly and have the right sun protection, you should be fine for a limited time. AND surprise!,“going outside on a mild day can be a boon for you both”, says Anita Sethi, Ph.d. See her article here at

AND here's another article about the benefits of the outdoors for your baby; “Not only is being outdoors an enjoyable experience for infants and toddlers, it’s critical for cognitive development”, according to an article in the Clayton Learning Center Blog, “The Importance of taking Infants and Toddlers Outdoors”. See article here;  They go on to say that “when an infant feels the leaves or the toddler notices the airplane in the sky, they are more inclined to verbalize this experience because it will elicit a favorable response by their caregivers.” Now who can argue with that!

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