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Why Blankets are bad for your baby (Part 2)?

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Why Blankets are bad for your baby (Part 2)?

Lack of visual learning

Nothing like the outdoors to stimulate your soul and get your blood flowing! Same for our little ones, they need it too! And they can learn and grow from being outside where there is so much to hear and touch…and see, “visual leaning”! Much better than lying there in the stroller with a blanket thrown over them, endangering them and blocking their view of the world!

“Fresh-air activities bring rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, and new windows on the world”, this from an article in titled "Infants & Toddlers: Lets go outside!" “One 10-month-old, whose visits to the duck pond were such a pleasurable part of daily outdoor excursions, said "duck" as her first Word!”


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