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Is your baby getting the protection you believe a sunscreen provides?

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Is your baby getting the protection you believe a sunscreen provides?

Old saying goes - no matter how big & cool you think you are, when a 2 yr. old hands you the phone, you answer it!! 

And now as a parent with my kids around beach days are here and summer time activities bring so much happiness. It’s also time to stock up on the necessities; and sunscreen is always a biggee! It seems every year we learn something new about sun protection, and I was surprised to find that these lotions etc. are not more heavily regulated! “Sunscreen manufacturers must test their products, according to Food and Drug Administration regulations. But the FDA doesn’t verify that testing…” according to an article in Consumer


They also have an excellent follow up article entitled “Get the Best Sun Protection - Which sunscreens work, which fall short—and why you can’t always rely on packaging labels”  READ ON

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