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Mower Safety Tips for Parents!

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Mower Safety Tips for Parents!

No matter what you colic, a baby crying for hours is a pain!

It may be back-to-school but for many families the weather is still warm and the grass is tall. With more than a few months of lawn-mowing ahead, it’s easy to overlook the dangers a mower can pose, especially for small children (& strollers).

A 2010 US Consumer Product Safety Commission report found that nearly “17,000 kids and teens were treated in that year alone for lawn mower-related childhood injuries.” says a Children’s Wellness Center article. It’s important to “be particularly cautious when you’re approaching any corner, bush, or anything else that could be blocking your view of a nearby child.”  Including mothers with their babies in strollers!  Although “Sweet Baby Shade” helps to protect against debris, keeping your family safe while mowing your lawn is most important.  

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