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National“Stay out of the Sun Day”!

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National“Stay out of the Sun Day”!

It’s national “Stay out of the Sun Day”! Yes, it’s time to “hang up your beach towels, don your coziest attire and prepare for an all-day Netflix marathon, because believe it or not, there’s a national holiday devoted to staying indoors. July 3 each calendar year encourages us to give our skin a much-needed break from the sweltering heat.” All this according to their website,

“Whether you opt to spend this holiday relishing in the great indoors, or relaxing in a hammock in the shade — they’ve got a couple of ideas to help you celebrate.” See their website


2018 / Steiner Innovations launches, Sweet Baby Shade “Toddler Deluxe” (JK, we made this one up) / The premium roller sunshade for baby strollers

1978 / The FDA Regulates Sunscreen / Congress proposes that the FDA regulate sunscreen and sets standards for safety and efficacy

1956 / Coppertone Girl / Joyce Ballantyne draws the famous Coppertone girl modeled on her 3-year-old daughter, Cheri.

1940’s / First Sunscreens Come to Market / An American airman creates a formula that will later become Coppertone Sunscreen.

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