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Enjoying the outdoors with your baby!

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Enjoying the outdoors with your baby!


I was watching TV the other night and saw a commercial with a group of little kids running around, playing outside having the time of their life! What made it even cuter was they all had sunglasses on; some of them were for kids, small and they fit just right, cute colors and all. But others were over-sized adult glasses, slipping side-ways down their small laughing faces! They’d probably taken from their parent’s room, and I laughed to myself because we’ve all been-there done-that when we were little. But then my mind wandered from those memories of sunglasses to thinking about Spring coming and sunshine and how to protect our newborn's sun exposure to eyes is no laughing matter! “The risk for retinal damage from the sun’s rays is greatest in children less than 10 years old”, says Dr. Greene founder of (cited by the AMA as “the pioneer physician Web site”). Dr. Greene talks about the importance for Kids to use sun glasses because they block UV radiation.

But how to protect my babies eyes from the sun? Babies under 6 months are considered too young to wear glasses so finding ways to protect from harmful UV rays is even more important. A sunshade or baby sunshade? Sweet Baby Shade could be the ideal replacement to protect not only their eyes but face and more.

Dr. Greene’s article and website is fun and full of advice & information for every parent,

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