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Sun-Safe Babies

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Sun-Safe Babies

What did the papa buffalo say the baby buffalo before he went to work? BISON!

With so much information available now I’m surprised there are still misconceptions about our little ones and sun protection. I’m not alone.

“When our research team at the University of Miami surveyed local parents about how well they were protecting their young children from the sun, the results were alarming” says Fleta N. Bray, MD, Keyvan Nouri, MD and Colleagues from an article in Skin Cancer Foundation.Org. “We found that as many as one-third of parents actively increased their infants’ sun exposure each day, believing mistakenly that it would build their babies’ tolerance to the sun’s rays.” What? “As a result, 12 percent of the parents reported that their babies’ skin had tanned before they were 6 months old, and 3 percent said their infants had been sunburned.


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