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When do babies smile?

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When do babies smile?

I hope we get better seats at this baby shower. Last time, we sat in the C section.

Being outside with your little one is a beautiful thing. Walking through your neighborhood or the park, while enjoying the sights together is also a bonding experience. And it’s important that they can see their surroundings too, just like you! You’re sharing this together. And there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your little one smile. Especially their first smiles! But we know that the early few weeks with your baby can be challenging. Most new parents are anticipating that first smile. Some babies cry constantly and never smile and others seem to smile from the days they were born.

“Babies give fleeting smiles as early as birth and even smile in their sleep. But, according to experts, this is a reflex action or survival instinct similar to other newborn reflexes like rooting and sucking.” according to Crystal Patriarche’s article “When do babies smile?” in “babble, Courtesy of Disney”. “Sometime around your baby’s 6th to 8th week (although some parents say as early as 4 weeks), the smiles become a reaction to stimuli or a “learned” smile. The grin lasts a bit longer and you can even see expression in her eyes."


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