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Should you let your baby nap on the go?

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Should you let your baby nap on the go?

“Why couldn’t the melons have a baby? Because they cantelope”

What a beautiful time of year, fall! Fresh air means stroller time! Also time to run a few errands, and maybe a nap for my little one! But I wonder; are these kinds of naps ok?  

“Children who can self-soothe for daytime sleep are more likely to sleep through the night,” says Neurologist Shelly Weiss, in article by Jennifer Goldberg in “Today’s Parent”. “When they nap in the car or stroller, they’re not self-soothing, because they’re being rocked or moved as they fall asleep.”

Yet Goldberg says "there’s no proof that the rest your baby gets while moving is of a lower quality than the sleep she gets in the crib. If your kid is a good on-the-go snoozer and doesn’t have nighttime sleep issues—lucky you!” Hmm…


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