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Aiden Lucas & “Sweet Baby Shade!”

We were so very happy to meet Scott and Katelyn Lucas this last weekend at the Annual L.A. Baby Show here in Los Angeles! Even more delightful, was meeting their son Aiden, whom you see pictured here relaxing in his car seat with his new Sweet Baby Shade~INFANT they purchased there! Thanks for the pic Scott, you've a beautiful family! It was great meeting you all - hope you all enjoy the shade!



Archer under the shade

A good friend of mine recently sent me a message about his daughter Amy & grandson Archer  He said “they are in town and we went for a walk and your sweet baby shade works great! Thank you!

Well the pic tells the story, looks like Archer is enjoying his time under the shade and that’s always good to see – thank you Ed! And thank you Amy and Archer!

Marie-Charlotte & Lucas

I have used my sweet baby shade for the first time today. It is such a genius accessory for our strollers and cosi car seats. I love that I can see my baby through the screen while he is protected from the sun. Your instructions "forget" to mention that Sweet Baby Shade works on newborns’ prams & bassinets too! Lucas is only one month, sunscreen is quite not recommended yet, and it made it so easy not to have to worry about where the sun was coming from while walking around Balboa Island (Newport Beach CA).

Lucas' stroller was a good marketing tool... The grand mothers and mothers we crossed on the island asked where our Sweet Baby Shade was coming from ;) - Definitely a must have, ... especially under the sun of So Cal! Thank you again!

Sincerely, Marie-Charlotte  (mother to Lucas)

Skye & Sweet Baby Shade

We were finally blessed with a beautiful sunny day, so I couldn’t wait to break out our Sweet Baby Shade! My daughter loved being able to check out all the scenery on our walk without having to endure the sun beating down on her face. Her skin is so white and her eyes are light blue so she’s very sensitive to the sun. I loved being able to expose her to seeing the trees, dogs, & people that we saw because I used to have to cover her up with the huge hood on our stroller. Great product and she loved it!”

Debra Klein 

Mother to Brayden (boy- 3 years old) and Skye (girl - 18 months old)

Laura & Ryan

"What a great idea!

We finally got a break in the rainy weather and were able to take our little guy out for a jog. What a huge upgrade for our stroller to have our Sweet Baby Shade to block the sun! If he could talk, I'm sure he would thank you for helping us all enjoy being outside. The clips attached easily to our jogging stroller and stayed in place even after some heavy off-roading!

Thank you Sweet Baby Shade!

Daniel & Christine

"We use the sweet baby shade all the time, what a great idea!"

Happy customer & “Sweet Baby Shade”!

It’s a beautiful day for some good ol father and son time. Here we have Ryan and Colin out for a stroll…their “Sweet Baby Shade” doing its job protecting Ryan from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s indeed a beautiful day guys…thanks for the pic and keep them coming!


Free children's book with every "Sweet Baby Shade" purchase. (The Hawaiian Prince)