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Sweet Baby Shade (Infant) with Clips (Free)

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"Sweet Baby Shade" takes your stroller to the next level with sun protection. Designed to be "easy-on" - "easy-off", this unique light-weight baby sun shade attaches to all strollers or car seats using the flexible extended ends (and Clips) on each of the four corners. Your newborn will be delighted to see you, smile and view their surroundings while being protected from harmful UV sun rays! 

  • The "Clips" allow for better connection to canopies on strollers for your growing baby
  • The perfect stroller sun shade for the ultimate in sun protection
  • Protects baby's eyes and skin from sun's harmful UV rays
  • Attaches to all strollers or car seats
  • Allows cool airflow
  • Allows newborn a full view of their environment 
  • Impact resistance to protect your baby from debris and or objects being thrown 
  • Sturdy but flexible frame remains stable in breezy conditions
  • The finest baby sun shade stroller protection on the market

Free children's book with every "Sweet Baby Shade" purchase. (The Hawaiian Prince)