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Stroller sun shade - "Toddler Deluxe"

$ 48.99

Our new stroller sun shade “Sweet Baby Shade ~ Toddler Deluxe”, is a premium pull-down sun-shade, and the newest addition to our line of sun shades! The unique pull-down design attaches to all strollers using 4-easy steps to protect your baby from the sun! The touch of a button retracts the shade quickly for easy child removal – and you’re ready for next time!


  • NEW stroller sun shade with pull-down/roll-up feature
  • Push-button retraction
  • Adjustable strap with clip & Velcro attachment
  • EASY 1-step attachment for quick/easy child removal
  • Resilient and durable outer shell
  • Weather resistant
  • Universal fit
  • Airflow
  • UV Protection
  • Visibility

Free Shipping Now Available!

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